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GoneCamping 11-16-2009 09:47 PM

Re: Why roof-top AC?
One word, simplicity...

Cut a 14" hole in the roof and drop it in... four corner bolts and you're done, plug it in and start cooling the entire bus. Those things are usually 13,500 BTU and the fan is designed to throw the air quite some distance. They can also be ducted instead of just a central blow system. Mine wasn't expensive either, I managed to find a "Donor" unit from an old travel trailer that blows really cold. I also used a small window A/C in the back. but the roof unit cooled the whole bus.

Also, when you roll down the hiway, you can use the roof unit while in motion powering it from an onboard Generator...comes in handy. These things are made exactly for that purpose, why reinvent the wheel?

sportyrick 11-16-2009 10:01 PM

Re: Why roof-top AC?
I built my air cond under the bus because the death to all RV's is roof leaks, no holes in the roof, no leaky. Also they cause resistance to forward motion, lower fuel economy. I can run my air cond while running down the highway too but the bus windows leak air so bad I don't think it would cool down (a reason to use real RV windows). Anyway while in motion we get so much air movement that you don't need air cond. sportyrick

bikeforthelight 11-16-2009 11:13 PM

Re: Why roof-top AC?
I am using a roof unit. I was weighing the option of window units or portable AC's. But in the end, the cost of building mounting hardware made the difference. A roof unit cost a little more, but no building. I also wanted to duct mine to different rooms. I have owned many of the window units that are cheaper. They cool well enough, but the fans on them leave a lot to be desired. You wont be ducting air from a cheap window unit. You would need a bigger one. Finally, it is a definite positive to have the AC under the bus drawing shaded air, but air rises. If you are pumping air into your bus from an AC that doesn't have a ton of force in the fan, you are just gonna be cooling your feet. A roof unit cools from the top and lets the air drop down on you cooling the whole bus. Would suck to spend all that time building and installing AC under your bus only to find you have cold feet and a sweaty head :lol:

Sojakai 11-18-2009 01:17 AM

Re: Why roof-top AC?
There is another thing you can do. Get a fan, tilt it back so it points at the ceiling (or prop it up if you have too), it should suck the cooler air from the floor and blow it to the ceiling, and get the air to circulate more efficiently. Down side, it takes a bit more energy. Upside, you can cycle the AC off for half an hour and just use the fan, as the air takes awhile to become uncomfortable again.

...It sucks working in a big glass box that heats up faster than you can cool it down. Good thing we had that floor fan. Theater Box Office.

oldog12 11-18-2009 04:37 PM

Re: Why roof-top AC?
You really need to check out Sportyrick's conversion... ... t.JPG.html ... r.JPG.html

MrsThomas 08-15-2019 02:16 PM

Hey there Gone Camping I am in Norfolk. Can I ask where you park your bus? City of Norfolk is very unforgiving. That's gonna be my biggest hurdle.

Doktari 08-15-2019 06:38 PM

Hey Mrs Thomas. Did you see this thread is 10 years ago. Iím curious if you get a reply.

Doktari 08-15-2019 06:40 PM

Hey Mrs Thomas. Did you see this thread is 10 years ago. Iím curious if you get a reply.
But Iím like the other responder. I stripped all the stuff from the roof of my Motorhome. And I certainly donít want RV stuff on the roof of my bus. Or any roof penetrations.

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