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Wayne 02-17-2010 08:21 PM

What is the best bus??
I have been reading a lot of great info on this site so I feel comfortable asking this question.
What is the best shcool bus that will handle highway driving, mountain driving, and all the other kinds of driving that you would come across driving around the country.
There seems to be a lot of models out there and Im not sure what to look for. Im sure I need diesel? I know I want a long bus.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Wayne 02-18-2010 08:56 AM

Re: What is the best bus??
Thanks John;
That is great information. I live in Florida. I would like to buy a bus in Florida for obvious reasons limited rust ect.
But you are right, since we are flatlanders down here the buses in Florida may not be suitable for mountain driving.

I have driven around the country before in my CJ8 pulling a vintage trailer and I have driven over the Big horn Mountains and driven though the mountains in BC so I appreciate what you are saying about the transmission and a motor not performing properly because of the altitude.

I will check into the bus you recommended.
I would like a school bus, I really was shocked at some of the prices. I would like to spend as less as possible and go as new as I can and the school buses seem to fit that bill.

Maybe I should be looking at a Wander lodge? But then Im looking at a lot more money.
I will keep my ear to the ground and carry on doing my homework.


Wayne Lea

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