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jonnoh21 03-08-2010 07:41 PM

Direct vent kerosene heaters
Has anyone thought of using a direct vent kerosene heater? I used a monitor in my house in New England and it was fantastic. So cheap to keep. But, now many ppl online servicing this brand say they are no good now. More often recommended are toyotomi or maybe toyostove. One model runs on number 2 fuel oil, (diesel). They are thermostatically controlled, and programmable, and very efficient and so bloody easy to intall! Just one like 2 inch hole. I just wonder if anyone has tried using one of these and if they can stand the vibration of traveling. The real downside that I see is that they all require 120 vac for the fan and startup igniton. My recollection is that it draws very little, so maybe an inverter would suffice????? Ideas?

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