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Bavo76 06-26-2010 11:14 AM

Price Difference
Hi all i am Darryl and live in Australia and i am doing up a 1985 Nissan Ud school bus into a motor home for full time living and wanted to say i am Jealous as every time i read people's blogs and seeing there projects in America i can't get over the Hugh price difference between Australia and America like i here people buying buses for $2000 or less and the parts are so much cheaper there example hot water services there around $500 here $900 roof top air conditioners there say $600 here $1600 and my question is someone in Australia must be making Hugh profits.and if anyone was interested importing products here you would make a cool profit .Keep up them nice motor home projects as i love reading all about them cheers Darryl

Bavo76 06-26-2010 11:52 AM

Re: Price Difference
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Thanks Slowlane Ive been doing up my bus for around 16 months now but finding parts is really hard work as in Australia no one seems to keep parts and if they do look out for a shock .Ive spent $30,000 so far and done almost every think myself .the only way to get motorhome parts is for me to look online and pay for freight to get them here .ive spent $15,000 just on E-bay seeking parts i really wish we had a motorhome outlet close by and wish that i could get a load of parts from America as i still seek 2xaircondtioner roof top units ,ladder to roof ,some kind of heating unit prefer lpg gas,solar controller,battery monitor and so many more bits and pieces .i can see why a converted school bus to motorhome costs around $80,000 upwards here in Australia

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