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luckyone 07-22-2011 01:05 PM

anyone know about propane driven buses?
I foud a bluebird bus on craigs list for 2,000 s they say it runs on propane (As we dont have a bus yet )and this fule type seems like it might be trouble if you don't know what your doing. Any advise would be helpfull Here is the add................

Blue Bird School bus for sale.
The Ford 429ci that powers it only has 58,XXX miles on it, runs perfect and runs on propane
with propane @ only $2.50 a gallon you can afford to drive it.
All the seats are still in it (22 seats I belive) and are in great condition it's easy to drive and has good tires on it,
the air compressor, heaters, lights and even the safety arm on the front works.
Throw all the kids in it and go on a road trip no more arguing over who sits where
or "I don't want to sit next to him" they can all have there own seat, or turn it into a motorhome.
Great for Church outings, business outings, or other type of groups.
$2000 obo.
Thanks for looking.

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Stuff 07-22-2011 04:49 PM

Re: anyone know about propane driven buses?
I have a 1988 Plymouth voyager factory propane. I know the pros and cons!

cheaper to fill
price per liter/gallon is less
environmentally better
engine stays nice and clean! - 10k miles an oil change or better!
exhaust and mufflers last longer

fill stations! - not guarantee to get fuel when you pull up. someone has to be certified to fill your vehicle on shift! (10pm in Regina, SK i could not get propane!)
smell - rotten egg smell from fuel and exhaust
service work - good luck finding guys to work on your vehicle for the fuel system
safety - in SK propane vehicles need a safety every 5 years. it runs out, no fuel for you. how to get to an inspection station? tow it.
tank - say you get a leak before your shut off valve, good bye tank of fuel
spit valve for tank - doesnt seal right? good bye tank of fuel..
mpg of LPG engines is lower, but the fuel is still low cost enough to make it worth while sometimes.

NOW!! if that bus is super fine, and propane wont pass or you just dont like it?? rip off the propane tank, lines, vaporizer, mixer, exchanger and put on a fuel injection system or carburetor system and change out the spark plugs to the appropriate kind and you will have a practically brand new engine in your bus!

Stuff 07-22-2011 04:53 PM

Re: anyone know about propane driven buses?
just looked at the ad for it. looks nice and long. ford 429 in it so lots of power! I do see it has air brakes so you need the appropriate license for that. (not hard!) So all you really need to do is give it a really good go over and see if its the right skoolie for you!

also check the dip stick for the engine, being on propane it should be nice and clear, maybe a bit yellow to gold tinged but thats about it. if its black as tar, RUN!

luckyone 07-31-2011 01:27 PM

Re: anyone know about propane driven buses?
Thanks every one I am still looking ,I live in Idaho, in a small town no one will fill the bus with fule here i asked and the nearst person who could look the fule system over is 60 miles away so i am going to look for a bus that has a more common fule system . there are only 2 busses in this area on CL and they dont run I checked one one out and made an offer but the guy said he would rather scrap it then take my offer because he could 1500 scrap weight( so depressing .)

Stuff 07-31-2011 02:15 PM

Re: anyone know about propane driven buses?
ya that sucks... main reason the propane plymouth voyager i have is not a daily driver but more a backup.. the safety for the propane runs out this December... not sure what to do after that. many say turn it to gasoline which would be fine but its just that it is a factory propane vehicle and its ex- Canadian Forces..

only pro about buying that bus and converting to gas is that the engine is like brand new inside.

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