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Russell 11-16-2011 08:09 PM

Re: New Beginning?
The one good thing about using old motorhome parts I've found is the holding tanks will fit between the frame rails and the outside skin, most of the time. The best way to disasemble a motorhome is screw by screw bolt by bolt, and keep your stuff dry. Glad to see your back C,W, I heard you were having engine trouble with your last bus. There are a lot R.V.s and busses out there Iv'e found. I'm fix'n to 6V92 my bus with a ten speed road ranger.

Russell 12-23-2011 03:58 PM

Re: New Beginning?
Oh yea! all the 2 stroke detroits have liners. That makes them real easy to rebuild. My daddy had a towing service, trucks& boats and most of them were detroit powered. We had a mechanic that could pull a truck in the shop pull the engine down and hand you a sleeve that was still warm. The man knew detroits. And back then they were the cheapest to rebuild, but all that has changed. Now I guess they cost as much as a cat to go through.

Accordion 12-24-2011 07:48 AM

Re: New Beginning?
I did manage to be able to use the generator, fridge, a bunch of 12 volt light fixtures, the readout panel for the holding tanks, roof air conditioner, and converter for my bus. This stuff came out of a Dodge class C motorhome. Lots of good parts.

I sold the holding tanks and water pump and awning and propane stove and water heater from it.

Some things that you may not be able to salvage successfully are cabinets, booth sections (perhaps the table is an exception), and bed frames. The "furniture" inside of regular motorhomes is often built from lightweight materials, and does not usually come apart successfully.

There are LOTS of good things that you can re-use, though.

Save all the screws. They always come in handy.

lornaschinske 12-24-2011 11:45 AM

Re: New Beginning?

Originally Posted by CHEESE_WAGON
...I have also considered something a little different -- a 48 or 53-foot semi trailer, pulled by a converted short bus... any thoughts?

Go with furniture mover (cross country movers) over a standard trailer. They are low slung and made to fit in places with low over heads. We saw a conversion at a fair/carnival in TN one time. Once upon a time I had a website bookmarked for a company that built mobile units for carnival & fair folk. Brilliant ideas!

Jarlaxle 12-25-2011 05:45 PM

Re: New Beginning?

Originally Posted by CHEESE_WAGON
Well, it wasn't really engine trouble until I trusted someone who didn't really know what they were doing to fix a simple problem. A simple cracked exhaust manifold turned into a head removal and machining, and when the intake leaked like a sieve after reassembly, they refused to make it right, so I had to have it towed off.

I want to be a little more selective in my choice of bus this time, however. I don't want another Ford, unless it has air brakes. I am not interested in the lost art of maintaining and repairing a Lucas-Girling brake system. :) Other than that, I am open, though I am thinking I would like a diesel. I'm with you on the Detroit 2-stroke... love the sound of those engines.... I hear the 92-series have issues with cylinder liners though. Is there any truth to that?

I have also considered something a little different -- a 48 or 53-foot semi trailer, pulled by a converted short bus... any thoughts?

Having done it, I would not do another conventional. A pusher might be a bit better on the highway, but I LOVE my FE Genesis. Also: a bus with road A/C is worth hunting for. A bus with DUAL road A/C is well worth the price premium. I decided early on (pretty much, the day I decided to sell my B700) that I was not compromising. I wanted A/C, air brakes, standard shift or lockup Allison, factory high-roof, and diesel power. I wanted rear air-ride, though that wasn't a requirement. I did NOT want front air-ride. Had to have 22.5" wheels, run common-sized truck tires (11R22.5 or 295/75R22.5), Budds were much preferred but not required, highway gears a huge plus. I was open to a pusher, but most in this area are either older buses with huge miles (or worse: years of sitting) and considerable rust, or newer Laidlaws (I think Saf-T-Liners) with AT545's behind de-rated T444E's...they also tend to be pretty worn out when sold.

There are a few older pushers (Saf-T-Liner ER's) that I looked at...they are built well, ThomasBuilt's galvanized bodies are pretty rustproof, but the prices reflact that. I found only one with A/C, and it had two issues: the first, an eye-popping 540,000 miles :shock: , wasn't a deal-breaker, especially since it had (documented) a Caterpillar-rebuilt turbo 3208 and MT643. The killers were twofold: it had rear A/C, and dash A/C that hadn't worked in years...workable, at the right price, but potentially a nightmare. It also, unfortunately, had a massive sideswipe right across the bays. :(

Took four months, but I found my Genesis. It was a WC bus with midship lift and has a DT466, MT643, front and rear road A/C, full air brakes, rear air ride, front leaf springs, 11R22.5 tires, I think 4.10 gears (65MPH is 2000RPM), factory high roof, and even new (still had "hair" on them) steer tires. The only thing I compromised a bit on is the Dayton wheels. The rear bumper was badly bent (my uncle built a new one, with entry steps, integrated reciever, dump hose storage, and even air fittings), the entry door had a broken window (I filled it in), and it had 307,000 miles (over 312K now), but the engine was in good shape, trans works fine (probably been rebuilt), and it even had new rear brakes.

I think it, having a side (wheelchair) door and a large open area in the middle as well as bays, along with the A/C, cruise control, highway gearing, and even a nice stereo, was used as the sports-team bus for road games. That would explain the mileage, the cleat marks on a couple of the seats, the Gatorade stains, and the approximately one gajillion gum wrappers I found in and under the seats.

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