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PDBreske 12-21-2011 10:45 PM

Naming names....
I was just reading a few topics and I've found a trend (that isn't limited to this web site). There are a number of people who have used a product or hired a service and as a result they have sworn off ever using anything from that manufacturer or visiting that vendor ever again. I'm not talking about what they heard from a friend or what they read on a web site; I mean when they report the facts of their own experience. This is fine, except they don't want to give the name of the product or vendor because they fear some kind of legal retaliation for their printed words.

Why is this? What do they think is going to happen? Do they think a RV Manufacturer is going to sue them based on facts reported on an internet site? Do they think legal counsel for [insert RV manufacturer's name here] is scanning web sites looking for nastyboy1138's opinion so they can slap him with a big, fat libel suit? Really?

These are the same people who will blur the license plates of their cars when they share photos on the internet. (I always find it funny when they take the time to blur something that is easily and plainly seen by hundreds if not thousands of other drivers every day.)

You are doing a disservice to your fellow converters by not sharing this information. What if you found, for example, that a certain air conditioner was listed with a rating of 13,000 BTU but found on arrival that it was actually 10,000 BTU? Wouldn't you think everyone would want to know to avoid such a product? Why would you think that the manufacturer would or even could go after you for reporting that fact? If you made it up or lied about the numbers, that's libel, but if it's fact, there isn't a single thing anyone can say or do to stop you from sharing the information.

Likewise, I've read reports of campgrounds that were unfriendly to skoolies and the reporter didn't want to give the name of the location, saying he was so disgusted that he didn't even want to use their name in print. Well, that's fine, but your unsubdued anger doesn't help anyone else avoid that place. What's worse, when someone actually does print the name of a place where they had a bad experience, the first person will chime in with: "Yeah, I remember that place! Same thing happened to me last year!" Great! Why didn't you mention that and save the next person the trouble of having to relive your nightmare? Now two parties have had a bad trip and the campground has twice as much money.

So, here's what I'd like to see: If you haves shared or will share an objective review of a product or service in another thread, don't hold back the most important information of all: The name of the manufacturer or vendor! (This is not the thread for your reviews; this was only intended to vent my frustration at this trend of non-disclosure. Reviewing here will not allow people to easily find your review if they are searching for information.)

EDIT: Added the last bit about reviewing on this thread. :)

lornaschinske 12-22-2011 12:19 PM

Re: Naming names....
No problem. I would do just that.

Edited post

PDBreske 12-22-2011 01:55 PM

Re: Naming names....
While I appreciate the feedback, I didn't mean to turn this thread into a catch-all for gripes of any kind. I was hoping that people would add the names of offending products and services to their regular reviews in other threads. I'll update the original post to reflect that intention.


lornaschinske 12-22-2011 03:59 PM

Re: Naming names....
Fine. removed`

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