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lornaschinske 04-07-2013 12:48 PM

US 180/ NM Hwy 12: Silver City NM - Datil NM (US 60)
Has anyone been on this road? Is it okay for a bus? We might be taking this route in Sept. I know that most US highways in the SE are okay but not been on that many out west. We are accustomed to driving on mountain roads. We will be in Silver City to see the Gila Cliff Dwellings and want to stop by the Catwalk on our way to the FREE VLA tour. At least that is the plan.

Only thing I have found is this off of

New Mexico 12 eastbound and westbound from mile marker 1 to mile marker 30... Watch for rocks on roadway along NM 12, mile marker 1-30 (from east of Jct. US 180/NM 12 to east of Apache Creek). Watch for crews in the area. This event will be updated as conditions change.
We had falling rocks in NC/TN too. Kind of a given on some roads.

Our biggest expense will be the diesel (730 miles round trip)
But the rest should be decent:

$3 for parking White Sands National Monument (we will drive right by... might as well stop)

$36 for 2 nights at City Of Rocks SP for (hopefully) W/E/S hookups

$6 Gila Cliff Dwellings we will drive the Jeep we are towing up to the Cliff Dwellings

$3 parking fee for Catwalk

$5 for 1 night at Datil Well BLM Campground

$0 for free tour of the VLA

$0 for a night or two in the parking lot at Socorro and visit with the kids. Of course that will mean at least one meal in a restaurant which would be the steak house at the end of town. No place else we would risk eating at.

$8 for a tour at the Lincoln State Monument which we will have to drive right past on our way back to Roswell.

$61 Total. We will NOT be eating out since I figure most of our meager $$ will end up in the fuel tank. Our vacation "souvenirs" will be photos and I can put one on a T-shirt transfer (already have) when we get home if we have the heart pounding desire to have a souvenir T-shirt. I can by cheap T-shirts at the Goodwill Store. Now that's a frugal week long vacation. :lol:
BTW, no generator unless we carry along the little 1800 Watt gas one David bought for the food cart... which we might just to recharge the house batteries unless David hooks them up to the bus alternator. Something to think about doing.

ol trunt 04-07-2013 09:08 PM

Re: US 180/ NM Hwy 12: Silver City NM - Datil NM (US 60)
No worries. Silver is an old stomping ground of mine (Fort Baird) and the roads were fine a million years ago but can only be better now. Go for it!

SeanF 04-18-2013 07:40 PM

Re: US 180/ NM Hwy 12: Silver City NM - Datil NM (US 60)
Been on it many times, only on a motorcycle. It's a very scenic road. I don't think there are any serious grades or tight switchbacks to worry about.

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