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jepopp 01-13-2014 04:07 PM

68 Bluebird--couple questions
Hey everybody. Glad to be here.

I own a 1968 bluebird school/transit bus, about half done. It is actually the same bus that was being given away on here 4 years ago. I am the 3rd owner since then, and it is now running again.

Anyway, 3 major drivetrain questions:

1. This baby has a 478 big block V6 in it. Basically a 305 sbc with 6 big pistons, I guess. I have done some research but not a ton. Are these things worth anything to anyone? It runs alright--stubborn to start, smokes a little oil to begin with, good power and idle after a few minutes--but it does alright going down the road. Am I better off sticking money into rebuilding this? Are parts hard to come by? Or can I get any money for it? Would it be feasible to put in a 350 instead? Or a 6.2 diesel (I have a cheap line on one of those)?

2. It has (I believe) an Allison MT-40 auto transmission. Would it be easy to swap a 350 (or whatever) to this transmission? What does anyone know about these transmissions? Good/bad/whatever?

3. The rear diff plate reads this: "Rockwell Model L148PX17 Shell Serial 500375." I am winding up over 2500 at 55 MPH, this thing must have been a city transit bus? Anybody know about this rear end? How can I re-gear to something that will get my up to 70mph? What am I looking for? How much does that cost?

Anyway, that's where I'm at. I love the carpentry and electrical in the bus, but as you can see, I'm no mechanic. Any help at all would be huge! I'm planning on starting a thread of my bus and its progression this spring, once it isn't -35 degrees ouside. Thanks everyone!


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