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sebjaram 09-08-2014 08:53 PM

Can anyone help with re-wiring in NYC?
Hey everyone,

I recently bought a 1993 BlueBlird with my fiancÚ. We've removed all of the seats, and put in a subfloor. The interior metal sheeting has been removed, heaters have been removed, as well as all the insulation. All the wiring is therefore exposed, grounds are not grounded, and some wires have just been cut (the heaters). We have to move the bus by october 1st. I have little experience with electrical and need some help or at least some guidance in how to get everything running properly.

The main goal is to remove a rear door alarm that killed the battery, and arrange the wires in the front so they can be put away in a control panel.

I hope someone out there can lend me a hand or at least guide me. Thank you.


turf 09-09-2014 11:40 AM

Re: Can anyone help with re-wiring in NYC?
good luck on getting your bus ready

there is lots of help on the forum. post lots of pics. identify your wires. 1 step at a time

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