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  1. All Thomas Bus Plans found
  2. YAQ on Safety Interlock Removal
  3. Wheel well replacement?
  4. What does this black knob do?
  5. *Found* Controlled study on Rust Converters
  6. Jimmy proof lock HELP!
  7. Air-Ride Seat Installations: Show me what ya got!
  8. Window top gasket question...
  9. *Found* School Bus Dimensions!
  10. You didn't TELL me prep took so long!
  11. How to remove actual bus heater for 1990 bb international
  12. Gillig Phantom Dashboard/Cockpit Rehab
  13. Removing Under-Seat Heaters
  14. Gillig Phantom Front Door Rehab
  15. Reclaimed, repurposed materials.
  16. Using aluminum skin on a roof raise?
  17. Air Ride Seat makeover
  18. Wood Floors
  19. shower ...
  20. Welding
  21. 95 Bluebird TC2000 bi-fold door removal
  22. Basic step by step guide from gut to finish
  23. picking up the bus and getting some work done
  24. Rusted Floor
  25. Allison MD3060 unlock tutorial
  26. Hello and HELP PLEASE!
  27. Missing door valve... HELP
  28. Two Way Drawers
  29. I turned my wheelchair lift door into a fold out deck
  30. 6 gal water heater vs. on-demand
  31. Interior panel removal
  32. size of fresh water/grey water tanks...
  33. Side walls in 1999 International
  34. Solar Water Shower System
  35. Battery Bank Charging Options
  36. Window AC Unit or Rooftop Fan??
  37. Alternate Battery Charging Source
  38. Trailer build up
  39. Propane storage and distribution
  40. Insulation
  41. So many questions...
  42. This is the easiest way to remove rivets!!
  43. First Time Conversion- Does this bus look OK?
  44. Oh Hello Rustness my old friend! Help
  45. Removing rear Air conditioner
  46. New roof covering material
  47. Replace Emergency Exit with skylight
  48. rivets - advice from and for the non-mechanical
  49. Thomas HDX: Anyone build one? I have questions?
  50. Best time of year to buy a skoolie?
  51. 7.3l turbo rebuild..
  52. Roof prep.
  53. Electrical panel location
  54. For those without the power to run tools.
  55. Sweating
  56. Blue Bird door question
  57. Painting - inside and out
  58. Where to buy battery wires and terminal mounts?
  59. Bus isnít starting :(
  60. Heater removal
  61. Shuttlebus roof deck questions
  62. Shuttlebus woodstove questions
  63. Co2 sealed battery box
  64. Step by Step Bus Conversion Course
  65. Seat removal dilemma 92 BLUEBIRD TC2000 RE
  66. Advice on crawling under a cut-a-way
  67. Change of bus info. 3126 Caterpillar Diesel. Are they any good?
  68. How to replace glow plugs on T444E?
  69. co-pilot up close and personal
  70. Adding propane system to bus?
  71. Diesel skoolie that can easily climb mountains
  72. Grow Ivy on Bus?
  73. Clear plexiglass ceiling?!
  74. Tires. 10r22.5 to 11r22.5 changing size
  75. gas tank removal blue bird bus 1998
  76. Trans Air in 1990 Blue Bird All American
  77. New to this! Solar panels?? HELP
  78. Replacing Floor, Please Advize
  79. 1 wire to 2
  80. Krud Kutter Gloss Off ?
  81. Diesel Power Block to Power Access point HELP!
  82. raised floor
  83. How to install electrical
  84. ceiling...to leave or not to leave intact
  85. grinding the floor
  86. Toilet room size
  87. Facing Expansion
  88. Your Perfect Converting Order
  89. Screwing cabinets to the wall
  90. Curved upper cabinets
  91. Paint Job advice?
  92. Question On Running Propane Line.
  93. Removing air conditioning
  94. Beginners w/ 82 Bluebird
  95. Battery Box Design??
  96. How to remove air door?!
  97. Montana Skoolies UNITE!
  98. Sticker removal
  99. Lock the Drivers window
  100. Reskinning bus after roof raise ... question about measuring.
  101. Do I need to worry about roof skin pulling back?
  102. What to do after OSPHO
  103. Flooring idea (feedback requested)
  104. How do I remove Blue Bird interior panels?
  105. Collins E350 rear brake and turn light wiring question
  106. Need measurements for floorplan
  107. Is there a reason to keep hydraulic door opener?
  108. Leveling Ground / Leveling Bus
  109. Eternabond tape
  110. Beginners - where to start?
  111. Floor Help!
  112. Tips for removing seats, floor and rivets fast and easy
  113. Is there a standardized height or heights for a roof raise?
  114. Paint thinning ratios
  115. 83 G30 Short Bis
  116. Help removing 1/4" Huck Rivets
  117. Any skoolie around Springfield, MO?
  118. help, Rear flashers/turn signals not working
  119. Subfloor setups
  120. Reese hitch on a bus?
  121. How to frame walls with curved bus walls
  122. Bus length?
  123. Attaching Ceiling Panels
  124. How to easily remove seat bolts
  125. 1997 International Short Bus 3800
  126. Flooring insulation and Subfloor
  127. Plumbing how-to?
  128. solar power where to begin?
  129. To tow or not to tow...HELP
  130. 14 day deadline
  131. What drill bit does one use to drill through ceiling
  132. Instructional video on covering windows
  133. Difficulty Removing Ricon Wheelchair lift
  134. Floor prep questions
  135. Which comes first...
  136. Cleaning Floor after grinding rust
  137. Spray foam and water/electric lines...
  138. Turning the side windows upside down.
  139. Conversion for band tour bus
  140. I like to buy a long Skoolie
  141. Best modification or upgrades
  142. Skoolie convertion
  143. non US citizen
  144. Little black box and rear heater removal
  145. How to remove seat belt track
  146. Cutting Spray Foam
  147. Bus Tires size?
  148. Has anyone had serious issues with not reinsulating the bus?
  149. Help me inspect a possible new to me bus?
  150. Maxxair Fan install model 4500K
  151. steel tubing for cabinet framing
  152. Serreated knife for Foam (Bread knife) 12"
  153. 1988 GMC Blue Bird School Bus Engine Question
  154. Bus control panel and wiring help needed
  155. Exterior electrical box?
  156. Interior builds framing / walls / drawers / bed frames...
  157. Tear wheel well rust
  158. Why 2 engines
  159. 1988 Chevy THOMAS School Bus
  160. Best way to remove rubber floor from steel surface?
  161. Insulation
  162. How to prep for elastomeric paint?
  163. Im Locked Out
  164. Ricon Wheelchair Woes
  165. Luminator Destination Sign
  166. Skoolie process - Start to finish
  167. Waste water holding tanks
  168. Can I
  169. Best countertop?
  170. Long term parking- jack up bus to relieve pressure on tires
  171. Quick and easy roof panel removal!
  172. overall dimension
  173. Heater/AC
  174. Global Village Machines with Plans
  175. Help Tia! I'm new here, prepping walls/ceiling for insulation. Rust paint?
  176. Flat-towing (aka 4-down) a "dinghy" car experience?
  177. Need help searching.
  178. First bus project!
  179. removing the hurrihot in Florida
  180. Changing Tire Size
  181. Conversion midway lost data plate above driver?
  182. Domestic bliss depends on this: weight considerations?
  183. Any Rear Engine Buses With Towing Capabilities?
  184. Bus in the City
  185. Measurements
  186. I made a penny countertop while boondocking
  187. Help Choosing a Bus
  188. Roof Coating?
  189. Check this out on ebay---
  190. Driver's Seat
  191. Making your existing windows warmer
  192. Steps? 1 2 3
  193. Solar Power Configuration/Install
  194. Our battery box: deep cycle bats, solenoid, shunts, shore power, etc.
  195. Pros/Cons on Types of Paint Sprayers
  196. Massive modular synthesizer in bus?
  197. Big coal stove in a bus?
  198. Wood Burning stove ventilation help
  199. What to do with the strobe light?
  200. What should I start with in my conversion?
  201. Securing your fridge?
  202. How I put in shoulder (seat) belts
  203. Ducted Roof RV AC
  204. Four coolant tubes
  205. Dead batteries
  206. Newbie :) - Where can I park the bus while getting it converted
  207. Hot water?
  208. Heater Removal
  209. What kind of paint to use?
  210. Installing Rooftop A/C using existing hatches
  211. Radio delete and in-dash tablet install for NAV & OBDII
  212. Auxillary Air Tank?
  213. Lighting Switches?!
  214. Bus engine parts
  215. Ceiling Prep
  216. Removing all those school bus decals.
  217. Reporting Looking for Experts
  218. Prepping to paint previously painted bus
  219. What type of insulation for floors and walls?
  220. Tar removal
  221. Towing 4 down
  222. Spray foam coverage
  223. Wall Studs...how can I make it straight?
  224. Does floor NEED inaulation
  225. metal floor plesae help
  226. Newbie... Needing ideas!
  227. Grandpa said........
  228. Stock wiring for speakers, lights and emergency exits
  229. Building a dual pocket door
  230. Mistakes and do-overs
  231. Wayne Electrical Schematics
  232. Metal Ceiling Paint
  233. Screwing into my subfloor after I just filled holes?
  234. Door hinge fabric needed...
  235. AM I REALLAM I really about to make more holes in this floor??
  236. Alternative to rivets
  237. Plumbing
  238. Cheap Centech Inverters. Stackable?
  239. Relocating the heater
  240. OMG, what have I gotten into?!?!? GENERATOR HELP!
  241. Inside doors
  242. Epoxy
  243. 12v remote control light...
  244. Looking for someone to help!
  245. Solar Power!!
  246. onan 4.0bfa generator inslation
  247. Do I need this?
  248. Making/plumbing your fresh/grey/black water tanks
  249. Best way to remove and cover windows
  250. insurance