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  1. Fat Bus
  2. Gray Water Drip System
  3. Whats your axle ratio
  4. Reuse bus windows?
  5. Would be 200 gallons too much?
  6. The skoolie vinyl topic...floors, ceilings, walls, etc
  7. ceiling/floor for most headroom
  8. Very confused....need help
  9. How are these buses/ prices
  10. Opinions on Bus for Conversion?
  11. Just got buggered!
  12. To thin or not to thin? (Exterior Oil Paint Question)
  13. Crown Super Coach mid-engine hatch
  14. Can someone identify this?
  15. Where did I go wrong with my taillights / Brake lights
  16. How do you seal fiberglass body panels?
  17. Front vs Rear Engine
  18. Insulations suggestion for a genset quiet box
  19. Heater hoses
  20. Upholstered walls in front of bus seats
  21. Framing floor to ceiling or nah?
  22. Shuttle bus emergency exit windows leaking...?
  23. Subfloor and insulation... Furring strips vs No furring strips
  24. 1995 Thomas bus manual
  25. Headlight bezel substitute /adding LED projection headlamps
  26. What to do with glasses, bottles, plates while driving?
  27. Introduction and Noob Advice
  28. Found my water leak... now I need ideas on a permanent fix.
  29. Lets talk insulation..
  30. Turning gutter into drip edge? Current gutters causing leaks....
  31. Bus seats
  32. Floor prep
  33. bus abbreviations
  34. know what bus we want
  35. Gutting & panelling doubts
  36. where to find a rail system like this or similar ?
  37. Transmission history
  38. Suspension?
  39. Is this normal?!
  40. Car Dolly and Tow Hitch
  41. Insulating Walls
  42. This is the bus that I need.
  43. Keeping "school" character in 2003 International?
  44. Wheelwell flares
  45. Virginia Bus?
  46. Thoughts on this bus?
  47. Solar panels question!!!
  48. A fishy question....
  49. Replacing Defroster + Automation Ideas
  50. Would you consider this a good deal?
  51. What is your biggest deal-breaker from this list?
  52. Went to my first bus auction today! I have some questions...
  53. Tell me about the MBE 926 engine (2008 Freightliner mid-size bus)
  54. caulk for wall to floor seal
  55. How do you handle the actual sale?
  56. 2004 24 passenger International with a DT466 or a 1999 shuttle bus?
  57. Composting toilet w/ tumbler
  58. Gage metal required for a ceiling hatch
  59. Looking For Big Picture Window Source
  60. Exhaust fumes getting into the cab of older buses?
  61. Using water bladder for clean and gray water tanks
  62. changing the position of the front door
  63. Floor plans?
  64. Rubber window seals
  65. Captain Seat's... and junk yard diving.
  66. What do you think about this bus?
  67. height of the floor?
  68. on the fence - bus, open trailer or build
  69. Thermal results for skoolie surfaces, paint, insulation
  70. Stock roof vent
  71. 97 International 3800
  72. Trap door over the engine in a re?
  73. How to quiet my skoolie
  74. Antifreeze Pickup Hose in Freshwater System?
  75. File cabinets can be your friend.
  76. Bulk buy on composting toilet
  77. Skoolie sighting near Fenton MI
  78. "Turtleback" buses?
  79. When did they start making 78" buses? And which buses are CHEAP to operate?
  80. Sewage
  81. Moving furniture
  82. CDL or CDL-B??
  83. Looking at a 2001 Chevy Blue bird
  84. insulating Emergency door
  85. Is metal primer for the exterior supposed to be rolled or sprayed
  86. Campground Host?
  87. Project with replaced windows
  88. Installing electrical fittings outside of the wall
  89. Good auction sites, common tall bus types, etc...?
  90. Finding 12R 22.5 Tires
  91. Engine ID please
  92. for whom the bus tolls?
  93. Winter!
  94. Rear Engine front heat.
  95. Weight of seats in a skoolie
  96. Emergency exit
  97. BUS Lights
  98. 3m Panel Bonding Adhesive HELP!
  99. Please help narrow down my search!
  100. Flooring first, or Ceiling?
  101. Removing the Front Turn Signals
  102. Bull Bars / Moose Bars ???
  103. Interior height?
  104. Insulating underneath
  105. Wind panels under the bus
  106. Keeping things in balance
  107. 2speed rear ends
  108. Coach?
  109. Common First time conversion questions?
  110. What are the best buses to look for, based upon these criteria?
  111. Anyone here know how to analize transmission oil sample test results? Its Greek to me
  112. Gym-type rubber for sub flooring?
  113. RUST! Have I goofed?
  114. "Professional conversion" - Insurance fun
  115. What size water tank to get?
  116. Irma - Hope you fared well with little or no damage!
  117. New owner, high pitch ringing, bus doesn't start.
  118. Bus heater behind driver's seat
  119. Do you have to mix paint thinner to roll on oile paint?
  120. Isolation plancher
  121. Roof Raise - 2001 IC RE
  122. Skoolie vs. motorhome - why should I choose skoolie?
  123. Food truck
  124. Glass Shower Door - Has Anyone Done It Before?
  125. Unique window approach -thermal loss
  126. What size of solar panel systems.
  127. Door locks
  128. removing flooring, wheel well covers
  129. Advice please🙂
  130. Body mod. Removing air scoops.
  131. Anything that is kept?
  132. Harbor Freight HVLP question?
  133. Help with barrel locks
  134. Difficulty removing ceiling
  135. Glue removal from the floor
  136. Coolant leak help needed
  137. Tail lights replacement ?
  138. Deciding on a bus
  139. Evacuating Florida from Hurricane Irma
  140. Wall framing 1971 Gillig
  141. Confusion on AC wiring...
  142. 4x4 bus
  143. Active Duty Military with Schoolie??
  144. Door Lock Thoughts and feedback
  145. Skylight and roof vent questions
  146. Intro and Bus Opinions Wanted
  147. Intro and Bus Opinions Wanted
  148. no metal floor...only wood
  149. Timeline, how long does it really take?
  150. Input on a bus to buy
  151. In A Bit Of A Situation W/ Bus Purchase
  152. Propane Issues
  153. Lower-wall insulation removal: Tool?
  154. Problème avec Système ABS
  155. Suggestions on hanging panneling on the ceiling.
  156. 12v Light Switches
  157. Welcome Back
  158. What is the longest enclosed trailer I can pull with a 6.0 four window skoolie?
  159. COMPLETE NEWBIE here, with some basic questions
  160. Bluebird pdf parts catalog awesome!!
  161. Air Brake question. Does anyone know much about this type of slack adjuster?
  162. For those will tile bathrooms/backsplashes...do they hold up to road vibration?
  163. Roof Raise Confusion
  164. Has this or can this be done?
  165. Spartan Diesel Bus Conversion
  166. Danger Will Robinson Danger
  167. High revs on startup
  168. Rivet and skinning questions...
  169. Short bus Base Camp suggestion
  170. Off Grid living in a Skoolie.
  171. How to find a place to convert your bus.
  172. Deciding between two specific short buses-one gasoline, one diesel.
  173. school bus, air bags, adjustable, suspension
  174. Mobile Book Library / Office Bus
  175. ID bus, confusing line setting ticket.
  176. Opinions on this Bus?
  177. New take in raised roof.
  178. Where did you find your line setting ticket
  179. How to cover light holes
  180. Trailer Hitch on Rear-Engined Bus
  181. Removing 04 Bluebird Onboard A/C
  182. Going to Florida!
  183. Tripping the fuse box
  184. Building for Nevada temps. Effort/Investment vs Return on roof insulation
  185. Blue Bird model? Thanks!
  186. Aerodynamics
  187. Is this the bus for us?
  188. Huge tire blow out on mountain road!
  189. Maximize under the bus space for watertank.
  190. Feedback on pex floor heating system
  191. Looking for a mechanic in Salt Lake City
  192. Leveling Jacks?
  193. Are you driving an FE bus? You should do this...
  194. Another Paint Thread!
  195. Newer gas bus to convert or older diesel bus to convert?
  196. EEZ Tire Monitoring System
  197. Why Not International
  198. Flooring Help
  199. Hi in new and could use some help
  200. Awning (Electric)
  201. Corroseal Problem?
  202. Shipping container ... homes.
  203. RV salvage yards Minneapolis area?
  204. RV style windows
  205. Where did I see someone's rounded cut-out openings on shelves?
  206. Stranded wire vs. Solid on AC
  207. Ready to paint the roof
  208. Accordian door switch
  209. Double kitchen sink or single, what’s your experienced opinion?
  210. What do you all carry with you for tools and spare parts?
  211. All position vs. position specific tires?
  212. Floor adhesive removal
  213. Driver's Seat: Trash? Keep? Repairable?
  214. Rust hole under back door
  215. What is it ?
  216. are many short buses interior height over 6' ?
  217. Most expensive conversion you've seen...
  218. APU vs Solar power
  219. Newbie: First Post, Bumpers on the Schoolies
  220. international harvester bus 1967 manual
  221. Interior Height Rules of Thumb
  222. First attempt to crank my bus 101
  223. Insulation Question
  224. Neat bild videos - Do we know these guys
  225. Bus Kote
  226. Tint the windows?
  227. What do you think? new bus
  228. Dometic saneo
  229. Bus won't start after snipping stop sign
  230. Looking for help.
  231. 1996 Amtran interior height
  232. No Sub Floor: Yea or Nay?
  233. Finding a place in Chattanooga or Denver to build.
  234. Ceiling height verification
  235. Roof A C
  236. Skoolie Club or Associations
  237. What gauge steel
  238. Opinions on Intumescent Paints and foam...
  239. Finding, buying, and where to work on a bus?
  240. California help
  241. Paint the engine?
  242. Cutting floor supports?
  243. Removed Heaters what is this wire
  244. converting bus into a trailer
  245. Screen for the back door?
  246. Which Blue Bird All-American To Purchase???
  247. I am looking for Awning recommendations.
  248. MD3060 Allison Transmission Leak
  249. Carpet/Wool Ceiling cover?
  250. Small Roof Raise