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  1. Short bus inquiry
  2. Looking for space in Southern Maine
  3. Cluster gauges
  4. Advice Request: Are Refurbs/Rebuilds Risky to Buy?
  5. New Mexico Mechanic for pre-sales inspection
  6. New Skoolie
  7. Is it good to powder paint vehicles?
  8. Harvest Host
  9. Anybody in Wa driving to Cincinnati, OH?
  10. Just found this on You Tube, thought it might be interesting
  11. Sincere best wishes of the Season
  12. Introducing ourselves: New to the skoolie life!
  13. Looking for a Bus
  14. Florida skoolies at christmas?
  15. Potential NC Skoolie - Seeking Advice
  16. buying first bus, question on 2005 dt466 and allison combo
  17. Doors with no head bumper frame?
  18. Looking for plans/designs
  19. Heating with wood.
  20. Total body removal. skoolie to tinyhome
  21. Please Talk Me Off The Ledge
  22. Opinions sought - Air Cond & heaters.
  23. Parking Ideas long term stay.
  24. Bus Purchase Questions
  25. About to buy a bus would love some experienced opinions!
  26. Warn Engine light on 2004 dt466e
  27. Mirrors
  28. Where to park monthly in DE
  29. International CE, light that comes on with a bump?
  30. Starting a project
  31. Mould problem
  32. Utah mechanic? Help please
  33. Awning purchase?
  34. Cool build!
  35. Looking for a driver
  36. Should I make this purchase?
  37. Do you need a place to work on/live in your bus?
  38. About to start my conversion, seeking general tips and tips for a gillig phantom
  39. Would you take your bus down this road?
  40. Can it tow a truck camper?
  41. Help noise!!!!
  42. ISO trustable Utah bus/truck mechanic
  43. Trick little trailer with some nifty features...
  44. Broke down in Miami
  45. Miami-Fort Lauderdale Skoolies
  46. ATHS Conventions: a good way to show off your skoolie
  47. School bus stop signs.
  48. Bus Full Time / Off grid
  49. Anybody got access to a CARFAX account?
  50. Looking at a Bus. Whats important?
  51. Who's a good bus?!
  52. Air shocks for temporary ground clearance?
  53. lugging it?
  54. Best bus to get, for a dream
  55. Subfloor and chair rails
  56. Statement of Compliance label (international bus)
  57. Parking Lot in LA
  58. To gillig phantom or not to gillig phantom, that is the question
  59. Nosed in, high centered, or dragged your tail?
  60. Couldnt sleep, so I went to work
  61. Blue Ridge Conversions
  62. Any 2005 International CE (VT365 engine) here?
  63. insurance cost short GMC or Ford bus in Nevada
  64. Skoolies and the RPG hobby
  65. Updates on Comfort Bus
  66. Hello! Interested on your opinion of the t444e
  67. Short skoolies MPG
  68. 1992 Thomas Built School Bus - ADVSkoolie34
  69. Thoughts on bus: 2004 Internation CE, VT365/Allison 2500, 147k miles
  70. Parking in Colorado Springs
  71. Leaving dog in the bus?
  72. Been offline for a while
  73. FE vs RE Flat Front Bus
  74. What to Do About Weather
  75. Help..looking at my 1st bus
  76. New direction
  77. HELP! Just locked myself out of my new bus!
  78. Too much rust?
  79. Guess where I am
  80. Anyone using a TPMS?
  81. Non-skoolie related... Sawmill related.
  82. Which one would you choose?
  83. Help! On the road far from home and will not start!
  84. Parking in/near Breckenridge CO
  85. Seating Ideas
  86. Bus Weight
  87. Anyone in Kansas City?
  88. Pressure treated 3/4" plywood and Altro Transflor Meta Flooring
  89. Weight question!
  90. Automatic Boat Rack for a Bus?
  91. anyone recognize these Canadian buses?
  92. Bus Storage and Conversion location?
  93. Totaled RV
  94. Pre-ospho
  95. Where are the video game skoolie's?
  96. This belongs here
  97. Searching for original information on a WARD bus
  98. Where did you buy your bus?
  99. Need roof-AC unit covers
  100. Clearance and Overhang
  101. Post Hurricane Skoolie - Help Please?
  102. Antifreeze
  103. How to buy a $5,000 School Bus for $1,600
  104. Skoolie Gathering
  105. Picking a bus
  106. How much would you pay for this bus?
  107. What kind of bus is this?
  108. Bus Rescues Hurricane Pets
  109. Rear Signal "eyebrows"
  110. Metal on metal rust
  111. DT466 Viscous Fan Question
  112. Bluebird for sale, can;t decode VIN
  114. Thomas bus questions
  115. wiring diagram ,1994 wayne bus on ford chassie
  116. Door window( again)
  117. How much rust is too much?
  118. Route Planning Soldier Summit,UT avoid?
  119. 2001 GMC Blue Bird Yay or Nay?
  120. Midwest transit
  121. Blood Bus?
  122. Potential bus buy [ Help! ]
  123. acid pickling steel plate
  124. Does anyone know how to reach Cdimples67?
  125. A few questions before I buy this bus
  126. Island Bus
  127. Skoolie Shopping in Maryland
  128. What price should I set?
  129. What's in a name
  130. End of the Road
  131. Any diesel mechanics in Portland OR available to do a pre-purchase inspection?
  132. Need the name
  133. Feedback please on MCO Coach Bus with Detroit Diesel v92
  134. Kinda rubbed me the wrong way.
  135. Free bus?
  136. Saw something awesome on Interstate 40in Arkansas
  137. Want Bus as a Fixed Home
  138. What does this button do?
  139. Opsho, Prep & Etch, Corroseal, ect?
  140. How many miles in school service has your bus seen before you got it?
  141. Facebook post: Thoughts on this bus?
  142. Vn lt sn - vật liệu trang tr cho nội thất hon hảo
  143. Minibikes in my bus
  144. Shipping a bus HELP
  145. Heat blocking window film
  146. International 3800 Question
  147. Importing from WA or OR to British Columbia
  148. crown roof insulation ?
  149. Found! 1996 International 3800 T444E
  150. 2002 E450 Quigley Shuttle?
  151. Help!!! Which would be the better bus??
  152. Rivets
  153. Need help (advice) where to park our bus in MD
  154. Are you on Vancouver Island?
  155. Door question S1800
  156. New topic?
  157. 96 BlueBird All American FOR SALE
  158. Daydreaming about Texas: Eagle Lake
  159. The First step's
  160. Inspections?
  161. Where do you park?
  162. advice on bus buy
  163. Buses with height
  164. How to store a bus close to Chicago
  165. I bought a bus
  166. What type of power needed for pulling an FJ Cruiser?
  167. Bad paint job advice?
  168. Two questions about smaller conversions...
  169. Bambi movie
  170. Solar help Raleigh NC please
  171. Thinking about building a Skoolie
  172. Camping in bear country
  173. Where to find it
  174. Buying a bus for the first time, what questions do I need to ask
  175. MPG differences if any?
  176. Dose the smell go away?
  177. Show us your camping pictures, early build.
  178. First post and looking at a bus! 2009 INTERNATIONAL CE300
  179. Cleaning and polishing the front entrance door handle
  180. Looking at a short bus at Auction, 2009 International CE300 (20 ppl)
  181. Flooring Idea?
  182. Looking for - RV Windows
  183. Sealing roof, water getting in, Crown Bus
  184. Easters Bus Sales
  185. Bus won't start after replacing fuel filters. HELP!!!
  186. Bus Tow Rig At The Bus Yard!
  187. Is this a good buy?
  188. Noob Question: Where wouldn't you take your Skoolie?
  189. Can you identify this aluminum track?
  190. Skoolie.net stickers
  191. Finally
  192. Insulation for an inward/outward door
  193. Welding question
  194. Where are all the skoolies?
  195. Which steel?
  196. Is this a decent bus or no?
  197. Is your engine a 7.3L IDI?
  198. Wi-Fi For Work
  199. Curated Exhibit at the World Maker Faire NYC 2018 - looking for Tinies and Skoolies!
  200. Wonder If He Is Having Any Luck
  201. What Motor Is This?
  202. Bus Recommendations? What to look for? Please advise!!
  203. Won A 2nd Bus
  204. Standing In line At DMV
  205. Rubber soundproofing on top of spray foam
  206. FLU419 Mogli's first job
  207. Must Have Tools/Supplies
  208. ISO decent sofa/futon? Ikea?
  209. Solar powered sound reactive LED trials...
  210. Canadian Off Grid Appliances
  211. Decorative Pillows clearanced for $1
  212. Helped a Skoolie family today!
  213. is this real?
  214. Bus Values/Prices? Need Advice
  215. How to Sell the Contents of My House
  216. wheel refinish: wet paint or power coat?
  217. Unhatched Passengers
  218. What Do You Call A Skoolie That Becomes A Mobile "She Shed?"
  219. Alabama Meetup/traveling through?
  220. R U in/traveling thru Southeast WI area?
  221. Northern Cali Places to Park, work on bus co-ops?
  222. Disabling Rear Door Alarm
  223. Tall Guy Woes
  224. MPG gas 4 window what's realistic? Need vehicle soon
  225. looking for help to raise roof on 36' Schoolie project, Pacific Northwest
  226. Pedal to the Metal
  227. Temporary tag from Illinois, driving through other states
  228. Virginia Tiny House Festival
  229. Too much corrosion?
  230. Out for the first trip
  231. Looking for a place to hide out in Denver....
  232. CAD recommendations?
  233. Bus buying advice
  234. 2001 blue bird Re 8.3 Cummins with problems
  235. What's a reasonable offer on this?
  236. Anyone near Canton OH? Looking At Engine..
  237. Greetings from Colorado
  238. Toad package
  239. final height after roof raise
  240. TSA sucks. Another viral video
  241. Where do you take your buses for maintenance?- Southern CA
  242. How to drive a steep downgrade?
  243. Hatch Hole Measurements
  244. My Mary
  245. Rear Axle Gears
  246. What is this, cruise control thing?
  247. trying to figure out weight
  248. Hitch Recievers
  249. Cheap Insurance Florida Before conversion and after?
  250. Honest seller.