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  1. Passenger seat seatbelt
  2. Handicap bus flooring
  3. HEADS UP! to skoolies and the protests
  4. 2003 Chevy 6.0 v8 good choice?
  5. Newb looking for some help
  6. Mechanic in denver
  7. What's so bad about the Vista?
  8. Help needed with buying decision!
  9. Defrost Heater Gone!!
  10. loosing it??
  11. Struggling conversion. To keep or sell? What is it even worth? Could use some help.
  12. Looking for a mechanic in Valley Springs CA or near Sacramento
  13. How do shortwheelbase FE 'shorties' handle on the highway?
  14. Post Seat Removal
  15. Potential Purchase, seeking feedback
  16. Full timing with/without another vehicle
  17. /r/skoolies is full of IDIOTS
  18. Mechanic Near Omaha, NE?
  19. Bus Delivery Help
  20. How has it changed your life?
  21. Been stalking...finally joined. Think I'm ready to purchase, but would like advice...
  22. Locking drawers
  23. VIN vehicle lookup and weight class?
  24. wow, Skoolies are ahead of the curve
  25. Ford b700 trying to reach highway speed
  26. Anybody ever driven a skoolie to South America
  27. Safety of "wooden" seats
  28. The case for GoodSam (1500 reasons why have it)
  29. Hydraulic Leveling/Stabilizer
  30. Why doesn't anyone use a hydraulic bed lift system?
  31. Build location
  32. Gas Power versus Diesel Power (Food For Thought)
  33. Need help using Air Chisel
  34. License plate location delete
  35. Help Differential Noise!
  36. Countertop Choices
  37. Looking for bus ...
  38. Partial dash removal
  39. When you work from home, do you have to wear official clothes?
  40. Bus for sale-Advice?
  41. 73 dodge travco
  42. Insurance for an E-450 retired Shuttle-Bus
  43. School bus racing...
  44. Door closer help
  45. Front Defroster
  46. hey y'all, thoughts on this
  47. I think I'm in Love
  48. Homemade Skylight
  49. Getting close to buying
  50. Best option to buy Windows 7 (servicemaxx related)?
  51. Older verus newer...
  52. Good Asking Price?
  53. Should I Buy a "CAT 7.2L L6 DIESEL"??????????
  54. Headlight issues!!
  55. Smaller Transportation?
  56. Powertrin questions
  57. To buy or not to Buy, partially converted skoolie
  58. Looking for a shortie
  59. Bus Owner Nightmares/Anxiety
  60. First ride story, just bought it and drove it home. (A little long)
  61. 1991 G-30 Bus?
  62. Towing with a Gas engine
  63. Seeking advice 1994 E-350
  64. wheelchairs and busses
  65. Too much rust?!
  66. Help Pick My New Home!
  67. Ceiling Help!
  68. Need some opinions on pricing to sell
  69. 1969 VW bug--toad?
  70. Need a place to hunker down?
  71. Tonights moon
  72. Classifying Shorties
  73. Which is more valuable: a Rear Engine motor or a Cummins Engine?
  74. Monthly Expenses
  75. Who makes the best flat noses?
  76. Wandering bus, or should the 500 lb. generator be slung in front of the rear axel?
  77. Emergency hatch cover up
  78. E450 opinions and hidden costs?
  79. Covid Camping
  80. Anyone know where to find a key for this?
  81. What made the Carpenter buses of the 1960s so great
  82. Transportdwelling: Cheap RV Living Redefined
  83. Bus crazy eight?
  84. Crafty Bus Turning Technique!
  85. Bad timing?
  86. HELP! Input needed on potential bus purchase
  87. NEED HELP with an electrical transmission issue. 2001 Thomas flat nose.
  88. Mad Max
  89. Stuff That Catches My Eye...
  90. Skoolie progress
  91. Stripped Screws on T Handle
  92. Bus seat cushions
  93. Fuel problems persist
  94. Roof raise question
  95. How can we get buses off private property?
  96. COVID-19 | Effects on Skoolies - No Politics please.
  97. New Bus Owner
  98. Bad fuel????
  99. Skoolie Burnout???
  100. Well... I did it.
  101. I need Arduino help.
  102. Carpet tiles
  103. New member needing a bit of advice
  104. License
  105. Chevy express 6.0L gas engine - lifespan??
  106. Fuel filters changeout issue
  107. Thoughts on a 2004 International RE 2122 7.3-L V-8 w/ Allison transmission
  108. Interesting Alaska Skoolie Story
  109. My new Skoolie
  110. School buses with best head room
  111. Ol trunt check this
  112. Tire Talk (14v16ply)
  113. Car vs school bus. School bus wins.
  114. What is this worth
  115. 2003 Thomas short bus/ what is it worth?
  116. Roof vent
  117. Laid to rest in a school bus casket
  118. CB/Radio Antenna
  119. Park in the City
  120. Three story's
  121. Update on potential bus
  122. Dealers, Any good ones?
  123. Willing to Negotiate our house for a built up Skoolie.
  124. Florida
  125. Willing to Negotiate our house for a built up Skokie.
  126. The Price of Buses is Too Damned High!
  127. Bendix 45013 is out of production
  128. Parking in Florida?
  129. Emergency alarm weird problem
  130. All terrain tires
  131. Bought jctrembley's bus
  132. outdoor roof deck, best decking
  133. Mechanics in Denver willing to Frankenbus? (Really Awesome Project!!!)
  134. How can I find info about my bus?
  135. My son needs a cheap car and I found this.
  136. the more i read the more i WANT!!!
  137. Thomas Bus HELP
  138. first timer at everything. advice needed
  139. 58 conversion pics
  140. Finding the right name.....
  141. Heating
  142. can anyone ID these for me? air connections i think, but watfer?
  143. Is a Skoolie the right choice?
  144. Arduino motor controller doggy door questions
  145. Finding a bus body/chassis/shell
  146. Mercedes Diesel?
  147. A bus for everbody...lierally
  148. Help! What is this!
  149. Trip permits- do I need one?
  150. Newcomer - Finding a place to build/put the bus. Orlando
  151. Mechanic recommendation
  152. Any skoolies on the UK
  153. Advice please
  154. School Bus Seat Rails
  155. Need Opinions
  156. Buying an unfinished skoolie
  157. Roof window
  158. amber lights vs red: ambers cracked, reds not.
  159. Humidity and ventilation
  160. Looking for someone to inspect bus in Las /vegas
  161. Fiberglass insulation?
  162. I did it!
  163. Weld or Rivet Window Skin?
  164. Question for FS65 owners
  165. Northwest meetup 2020
  166. Anybody on here taken a converted school bus into Mexico?
  167. Anyone know how much my bus weighs?
  168. Northeast bus seeker!
  169. Frustrated shopper
  170. Need Skoolie size advice
  171. Amrt bus?
  172. Frisbee & his Skoolie family?
  173. Possible Skoolie work spot in AZ
  174. Factory roof rack
  175. KNOW H.O.W EXPO in Florida
  176. Advice on 2008 C2 thomas
  177. Need a super redesign
  178. Bus Junkyards Near You?
  179. Skoolie Shopping
  180. Buying bus Tomorrow!! Roof raise (I've searched)
  181. Thomas Acoustical Ceiling Gauge!!!
  182. Advice on making an offer on bus
  183. Anybody know what this button on the floor is for?
  184. Chassis clips?
  185. Legality of Modified Stop Sign
  186. Holiday Meet-up in the Tampa Area?
  187. Where do YOU shop?
  188. Donors Choose Skoolie
  189. Why I won't spray foam my bus
  190. Popular mechanics article skoolies are mainstream
  191. Best insulation
  192. Springs etc.
  193. New Guy Needs Shorty Advice
  194. Anyone get a bus impounded in Indiana recently?
  195. Another Skoolie benefit
  196. Help identifying my skoolie make and model :)
  197. GMC bus, do I buy it?
  198. Decent Article on School Bus Fuel Economy
  199. Leveling issue
  200. Skoolie Meetup 2020 events/schedule?
  201. Polyester roofing fabric??
  202. First Bus Trip in our Shorty...
  203. Bad News, Existential Crisis, Insight Please
  204. TC2000 windshield
  205. Air compressor issue
  206. Anyone in Memphis?
  207. Cleaning walls for spray foam
  208. First Road Trip, any tips?
  209. Cold Weather Prep
  210. We think we might’ve found our bus?
  211. 1974 35ft Crown Bus Conversion
  212. I do not need another project now, but if I did...
  213. Is this Bluebird All American a good purchase?
  214. 1965 Streamline Travel Home, one-owner, all original
  215. Does this price seem like a good one?
  216. Reasonable Price for a 2003 IC 3800 DT466E
  217. Need help estimating ceiling height
  218. Bus seen near St. Louis airport
  219. Cieling
  220. Need Help with blue bird bus parking break
  221. Walla Walla, Tri-Cities or Lewiston Skoolies?
  222. Bluebird Site Accurate?
  223. Who is making money with their skoolie?
  224. Dimensions for School Project (Please delete if not appropriate)
  225. Wow, Halloween Warning
  226. Roof Vent Purpose
  227. Window Glass
  228. Jake brake
  229. Seeking temporary place to work on bus
  230. Driving Bus Home with Passengers
  231. GovDeals New Format
  232. Checking in, and... where's HazMatt?
  233. Retrofitting for CA diesel emissions
  234. Tachometer Help and Dash removal/clean help
  235. Skoolie driver needed ASAP
  236. Winter cover for cutaway skoolie
  237. Hi, new to Skoolie.net
  238. First 1000 Miles in the New Bus
  239. I didn't actually consider driving it home once I won the auction
  240. Long term Storage
  241. Tow the bus itself?
  242. C7 or ISC 8.3? best value for bus?
  243. New bus rolling: questions
  244. How do get the bus over?
  245. How much should a short bus cost?
  246. Tires and miles
  247. CAN BUS (not vehicle) programming
  248. It is official. I have taken the plunge.
  249. Subaru questions?
  250. Replacement air bags