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  1. windshield for 1972 National/Carpenter
  2. No Sub Floor ??
  3. 2x 9 months old cats looking for a new house
  4. Shout out for TAC Bus Parts
  5. Please help, need opinions! About to travel 7+ hours for a potential purchase.RUST?
  6. California skoolies?
  7. Need feedback on potential purchase
  8. Biggest Kayak to carry?
  9. Can I flat-tow my Jeep with this platform?
  10. How dry I am
  11. Planning to Buy a Skoolie - Help!
  12. Heading out in April for full time bus life
  13. Noob welding
  14. Wheelchair lift for lifting large bags of groceries
  15. Schoolie vs RV reliability
  16. A cool bus spotted in the wild
  17. People saving up to buy a home by living cheap in vehicles
  18. Can rodents be a problem while travelling?
  19. Where & When are Schoolies camping at RTR 2022?
  20. Code enforcement nightmare
  21. Interested in talking to people van living by choice - Making a documentary
  22. My Poor Man's Cruise is Poorer than your Poor Man's Cruise
  23. Sold the flamingo
  24. solar help
  25. travel warning - blow you over
  26. Deck the halls -or the aisles!
  27. Proof that you CAN put storage behind the rear wheels!
  28. Did I get smaller?
  29. New from Ohio : How do I open the front door?
  30. I bought a skoolie because it's safe. Look how safe school buses are.
  31. Here's a new one, or maybe not.
  32. Skoolie Inspection in Maine
  33. skoolie parking miami area
  34. Junkyard (For Parts) BB All American FE
  35. History of the Carpenter buses after the beginning of the 1950s
  36. Found some manuals
  37. Looking for a good mechanic in NYC
  38. Towing a car with a 5.9 and AT545
  39. Has anyone driven the Pan-American highway in a skoolie?
  40. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  41. Should I buy this?
  42. Workhorse P30 sway bar
  43. R.I.P. my Cummins 8.3 mechanical friends, This has to be Illegal
  44. Electrifying - food for thought
  45. Graphic Content--- Watch with caution!
  46. Anyone on SSI?
  47. E350 7.3 diesel leak
  48. Clearwater, Fl build location
  49. Help me make a hard decision
  50. Install serpentine belt on alternator
  51. Future of fueling our skoolies?
  52. Any Recommendations for DOT Legal LED Headlights?
  53. Maine Licensing
  54. Some of our buses...a video tour.
  55. Any help is great thank you!!
  56. New Rally
  57. 2000 Bluebird TC1000 - is the door key same as ignition key?
  58. Thomas Tall Roof Raise
  59. I hate social media, but I had to do it
  60. Costa Rica Scam
  61. No engine skoolie?
  62. Good Sam, not so good?
  63. Was OSB subfloor the wrong choice?
  64. How high is that overpass -- REALLY?!
  65. Starting procedure for a 2002 Chevy BlueBird diesel?
  66. California weigh stations
  67. Quick vent into the void
  68. Awning Location
  69. Air operated doors to single hinge door?
  70. Finding "dry weight" vs GVWR?
  71. Ceramic insulation and mold
  72. I just wanna be left ALONE!!
  73. 1995 International - Winter Preparations
  74. Where to Permanently Park
  75. Are all handicap accessible buses high top??
  76. Old school bus seats
  77. Interior
  78. Removing the Back Door Latch. More trouble than it's worth?
  79. Exterior mirror glass removal
  80. Skoolie Leaning Forward
  81. Is an LPG skoolie a bad idea?
  82. Which one should I buy
  83. What is the best tool to sand the roof?
  84. Longevity of subway tile.
  85. Need a little help…
  86. Thomas MVP Fast Idle Switch
  87. Legality of operating a school bus; flashers and stop arms
  88. Midsize 1993 buses up for auction now in Tacoma, WA
  89. Winterize a Diesel Powerstroke
  90. Guns in Your Skoolie (spoiler alert: I'm a Big Gun Guy)
  91. What is the width of the rear door?
  92. Slide out question
  93. 2007 Ford E450 Super Duty 6.0 23 Foot 5 Window Bus - 80k Miles
  94. Transport help
  95. Van Lifer Missing - Please Share
  96. $50,000 skoolies?!
  97. Cats in your skoolie?
  98. Partitioning the front of a skoolie?
  99. Newbie roof raise question.
  100. Too much rust?
  101. Victoria, the 1989 Ford C8000 COE truck (not a bus).
  102. Rocker Switches
  103. Even Steph Curry is in the bus conversion game now
  104. Skoolie Mechanic Oregon
  105. Air tank quick couple fitting?
  106. Powerstroke equivalent
  107. Best tow dolly for minivan
  108. Outside Storage Locks
  109. auction TC1000
  110. What do you think of this deal?
  111. Parking a Skoolie in NC?
  112. I'm (finally) looking to buy a bus
  113. Need Help
  114. Help with shower
  115. bus buying help. bus make/model suggestions
  116. It fits!!! Barely.
  117. Looking at a rad bus with RUST please give input!!
  118. Is this a good short bus? (Newbie question)
  119. Bus Conversion out-sourcing?
  120. NEED INFO: 1986 Chevrolet B6000
  121. pesky brake lines from master cylinder
  122. Bluebird Window Question.
  123. Considering a TC2000 > Thoughts?
  124. Help in Eugene Oregon?
  125. Looking for a skoolie Builder
  126. Odd Roof Latch Skinning Over Help
  127. Converted bus - walls and ceiling aren’t gutted but the chassis was replaced
  128. Land in MD
  129. Necessary Steps Before Installing Passenger Seats
  130. Correct Tire Pressure
  131. Free Trans/Air system
  132. Monster truck adventure bus saves a regular Skoolie
  133. U-Pull it bus parts?
  134. Please show me your underbus door security measures!!!
  135. Parking \ conversion space ottawa
  136. There is a Skoolie parked at the Deerasic Classic
  137. Roof Raise services needed
  138. Wall Paneling Tips?
  139. Gentrification and Colonizers vs the dirty kids
  140. Air tanks
  141. Realities of Skoolie Life for someone with health issues
  142. RIP Dusty Hill...
  143. Does anyone know what this is? Dreevo and everyday solutions?
  144. ELM325 with servivemaxx?
  145. Getting a bus shipped
  146. Schoolbus scrap value?
  147. Rust? Too much?!
  148. Bus Pic
  149. where to build my skoolie
  150. 1978 International Loadster
  151. Roof Raise help
  152. ATF fluid in the diesel tank?
  153. What's a good price for a clean 2010 Minotour with 6L GM V-8 and 96K miles?
  154. Custom cushions recommendation
  155. Master chassis diagram
  156. most oddball bus in the usa
  157. 8D batteries
  158. Will a 7m bus cool enough with a 12V battery powered AC system?
  159. Best way to use your bus in the desert!
  160. Skoolie weights
  161. Quick opinions
  162. 8.7 Cummins Nabi City Bus
  163. Main entrance location
  164. Big Problems with tiny living.
  165. setting up a toad
  166. Opinion on buying 2001 Bluebird Chevy Short bus
  167. Opinions on this 2000 Thomas?
  168. Anyone in the Boise area want to help me rescue a vintage bus on Tuesday, June 29?
  169. Blue Bird mystery buzzer
  170. Chassis and part question
  171. How much more expensive are 2007 and newer buses to own and maintain?
  172. Bus will start beeping constantly when warming glow plugs
  173. Needing help with bus to buy
  174. Custom aluminum storage box bid...
  175. How far.....
  176. 99 International Dt466e overheating
  177. Skoolie storage needed
  178. Replacement Keys Source
  179. How many Skoolies are there
  180. Where Did This Water Come From???
  181. How steep can I creep?
  182. Floor paint nightmare
  183. Blew my first tire last week
  184. What should I bring when picking up my bus for the first time?
  185. Stranded need tires and ideas.
  186. Is it rare to find storage?
  187. Towing a car
  188. 12v Dimmable RGBW Ceiling Lights
  189. Anybody ever buy from “Old School Bus Sales”?
  190. ISO Midwest Skoolie to Tour
  191. Ha! Legally too slow
  192. Introductions, Flooring, and Pump Thingy
  193. Tires
  194. Broke down in Salt Lake. Any help???
  195. Renting a barn in the NY area??
  196. Floor Holes
  197. front cab of bus, heater and floor board, confused...
  198. Build space in Cali
  199. New Accessory
  200. Bus Seats
  201. Shout out!
  202. So...what is this old bus?
  203. New Skoolie Build
  204. Land
  205. Looking for a Skoolie mechanic in Reno area...
  206. Fresh Air filter?
  207. Best way to document the build
  208. Towing/driving/shipping a bus from Alberta to Ontario?
  209. Trusted mechanics in Truckee CA area?
  210. Do you use your defroster?
  211. Places to park in the NYC area?
  212. Conversion Companies In LA
  213. Hardwiring to stop the child alarm
  214. Parking a Bus in Arizona?
  215. 85 Bluebird -- tail lights?
  216. Are there newer short busses that are good? Where can I find more info?
  217. Exterior LED flood lights
  218. Anybody In Detroit!
  219. I think we are zeroing in on what will work us, thoughts?
  220. Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  221. Movie Theater Seats
  222. 1999 Ford e-450 shuttle bus
  223. Leg #2: 3000 mile trip home , electrical gremlins
  224. The best rooftop van air conditioner recommendation?
  225. Towing a vehicle behind Skoolie
  226. Need help ASAP!
  227. New hood.
  228. 2001 Thomas bus will not start
  229. Help with roof raise in New Mexico
  230. Happy mother's Day
  231. How about an address
  232. Why no enclosed trailers ??
  233. 72 bluebird dash instrument panel
  234. Math Problem
  235. Park and convert
  236. Raw property in NC??
  237. I don't see these often, what do you think? 2001 Bluebird Q
  238. Can anyone tell me the Transmission type of this bus?
  239. First Day of the 3000 mile journey home!
  240. Help hauling our old bus to it's final resting place
  241. Chilton & Haynes
  242. Air suspension basics
  243. Free to low priced VIN reports or decoders?
  244. This one just came up on Marketplace
  245. Should I Buy this DT466?
  246. Those who have built roof decks-- do you regret it?
  247. Has anyone ever purchased a bus without seeing it in person first?
  248. Nice Handicap Busses on Public Surplus
  249. Best Options for Family of 4? What vehicle would you recommend?
  250. Operator's manual needed